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Full Medical Checkup

Full medical checkup

Prevention is far better than cure, especially when it comes to your health and that of your family. Health screening and preventative medicine are the foundation of this. We encourage you to book your annual check-up or Well Man, Well Woman, Well Teen or Well Child screenings with us annually.


Full medical check-up

Our full medicals include a 30-minute consultation with our nurse followed by a 45 – 60-minute consultation with the doctor (about a week later.)


There is a complete physical and mental health screening questionnaire to complete before your appointment. This highlights any new symptoms you have while also giving us a complete personal and family health history and a basic lifestyle analysis.

Please remember that you need to fast for at least 14 hours before your appointment with the nurse. Drink plenty of water though to avoid dehydration. Because of the fasting, we recommend booking an early appointment.


After the assessment we send you a brief report on your test results, our findings and suggestions.

We will assess the following during the two appointments:

  • Weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Pulse and blood pressure

Physical Exam

Full physical exam where we will check your:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory system

  • Abdomen

  • Ears, nose and throat

  • Skin

  • ECG (heart function)

  • Peak Flow assessment (lung function)


For men, we also do:

  • Testicular and prostate examinations

  • PSA blood test (for prostate cancer)


For women, we also do a:

  • Breast examination

  • Pelvic examination

  • Cervical smear test


When necessary, we will do neurological or musculo-skeletal assessments  



Tests incorporate:

  • Haemoccult (blood in stool / faeces)

  • Full fasting blood tests:

    • blood count

    • Liver function

    • Kidney function

    • Thyroid function

    • Full cholesterol profile 

    • Fasting glucose test

    • Ferritin (for Haemochromatosis)

    • Uric acid (for gout)

    • Other specific tests such as, X Rays and DXAscan tests (for osteoporosis), will be arranged at a local hospital or clinic (if needed)

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