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You and Your Family

Little Boy Playing Doctor

At Midleton Medi Clinic we understand that nothing is more important to you than your family. Our doctors are attentive and conscientious, trained in diverse medical areas. We take a vested interest in you and your family and listen to your concerns with empathy and understanding while communicating to you clearly and effectively. 


We aim to proactively develop long-term, personal relationships with you. This helps us produce individualised healthcare programs based on your historical data and offer continuous support and health management advice. 


Over the years we have developed a network of highly respected external specialists that support us and our patients with additional medical treatment and resources.

Below are some of the vital services we offer to your family, no matter your age:



(Also check out our Travel and Work pages.)

Your family

"My health and my family

are the core of my being.


Jon Bon Jovi


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