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Blood Tests

Blood Tests

Blood tests are taken for many different reasons. For example, to: Help diagnose certain conditions, or to rule them out if symptoms suggest possible conditions. Monitor the activity and severity of certain conditions. For example, a blood test may help to see if a condition is responding to treatment. Check the body's functions such as liver and kidney function when you are taking certain medicines which may cause side-effects. Check your blood group before receiving a blood transfusion.

The most common blood tests are:

  • Full blood count
    - checks for anaemia, and other conditions which affect the blood cells.

  • Kidney function.

  • Liver function.

  • Blood glucose (sugar) level.

  • Blood clotting tests.

  • Tests for inflammation.

  • Blood cholesterol level.

  • Immunology - such as checking for antibodies to certain viruses and bacteria.

  • Blood grouping.

  • Thyroid function.

Remember, some blood tests require you to be fasting.

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